When Should I Update my Home Insurance?

Your life isn’t constant, and so is your home insurance. As time passes, the current situation changes, and you will find the coverage that was sufficient today isn’t sufficient tomorrow. At North Georgia Insurance Center, we usually advise our Commerce, GA clients to review their home insurance at least once a year. But what triggers indicate you should give your home insurance a second look? Let’s look at the reasons you should update your home insurance.

Welcoming a pet into your home

Bringing a pet into your home is exciting, but some pets raise the risk of liability claims for your home. A pet that can harm others can cause untold financial problems when it causes injury to others. Since pet bites can be costly, review your home liability coverage to cushion yourself.

Changes in local building costs

There is a reason we tell clients to consider the "replacement cost value" when insuring their homes. This value means that you will be compensated for the actual value of your home when it’s damaged. So, when a peril means your dwelling has to be built from the ground up, you won’t incur numerous out-of-pocket costs. But the only way to ensure this reality is by taking into account the changes in local building costs and making the necessary adjustments with your insurer.

Significant renovations

Have you remodeled your home? You need to sit with your insurer to make the changes to your policy. Significant renovations mean that the value of your home increases and the same should be reflected in your policy.

Your home insurance partner

Sometimes, figuring out when to adjust your home insurance can be challenging. However, you can simplify the process by partnering with a knowledgeable insurance agent. So, if you are in Commerce, GA, or the surrounding area, please consider North Georgia Insurance Center for all your home insurance needs.