RV vs Motor home coverage in GA, Considerations

When you buy an RV, standard vehicle insurance may not cover everything that might happen. Your North Georgia Insurance Center agent can help you understand your options and what would work best for you and your family. Keep reading for more information on RV insurance available in Commerce, GA.

Types of RV Insurance

Many of the following policy types are optional. Although, just like car insurance, you are required to have liability and bodily injury coverage in Commerce, GA. Work with your North Georgia Insurance Center agent to individual your coverage. If you are going to have your RV parked for long period of time, you may also need homeowners insurance.

RV coverage that you can consider generally includes:

  • Liability insurance pays for claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage suffered by someone else in an accident that was your fault. This is required in most states, including Georgia.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers the costs to fix damage to your RV due to non-collision events. Examples include theft and fire loss.
  • Collision policies pay for collision damage to your RV, and help repair or replace your RV.
  • Vacation liability can be a great option in certain circumstances. It pays for the costs of other people’s injuries and property damage. However, this type of policy usually only covers you when someone else is hurt or suffers property damage while using your RV for vacationing. It doesn’t cover events that occur when you’re on the road.
  • Roadside assistance pays for the cost to get you up and running if your RV breaks down.

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