What auto insurance is required in Georgia?

Having to live without a vehicle would be hard for most people. Unless you live in an urban area with great public transport, you count on your vehicle to go about the activities of daily life. When you own a vehicle, you are required to carry the auto insurance mandated by the state where you live and, like most other states, Georgia requires auto insurance. In Commerce, GA, North Georgia Insurance Center has been providing reliable and accurate insurance quotes for more than 40 years. 

In Georgia, the required auto insurance is 25/50/25. This means that for one person injured in an auto accident where you are at fault, the coverage is $25,000. The total for all people injured in any given accident is $50,000. An additional $25,000 is required for property damage. This is an okay amount of coverage, but depending on your financial position in life, it may not be enough to protect you. 

If you have an auto loan or are leasing a vehicle, you will be required to carry insurance to protect the vehicle. This requires collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Collision coverage protects your vehicle from damage in an accident where you are the at-fault driver, where you are the victim of a hit and run, or in an accident where no other driver is involved. 

Comprehensive coverage covers all those unexpected things that can happen to your vehicles such as theft and vandalism. It also protects against weather events that can damage your vehicles such as hail or strong winds and limbs from trees. Additionally, if a deer runs into or in front of your vehicle, you are covered. One of the most popular coverage is the glass coverage which has no deductible. 

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