A Discussion on Lane Positions and Safety When Motorcycling

Lane positioning depends on factors like maximizing your ability to be visible to other drivers and being able to see them. At North Georgia Insurance Center in Commerce, GA, we believe that safety is a priority, so we offer some tips for choosing the right position in a lane when motorcycling.

The Three Positions

A lane offers three positions or strips. The leftmost strip is position one, the middle is position two, and the rightmost area is position three. Motorcyclists should always consider the benefits and drawbacks of their lane position choices.

Position One

On two-lane roads, position one offers the most advantage. It gives you enhanced viability of the oncoming traffic and reduces the risks of other drivers making surprise left turns in front of you. Other drivers can easily spot you in their side mirrors, as well.

Position Two

The center of the road at position two is more likely to have oil and grease deposits, making it extra slippery when wet. This can make braking, turning, and accelerating more dangerous and challenging. However, position two is advantageous when taking blind hills and corners.

Position Three

Lane position three tends to have more gravel and sand, which poses a slip hazard. It makes you less visible to autos pulling in from right-side roads and oncoming traffic. Some other drivers take your location outside the lane as an open invitation to share it while they attempt to pass you, which poses real dangers.

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