How to Get Life Insurance

Most people in Commerce, GA will qualify for life insurance, but it can be easier to get if you are younger and in good health. There are different types of life insurance, so you may be able to qualify no matter what stage of life you are in. Discuss your options with an agent at North Georgia Insurance Center.

The first step is to fill out an application. On the application, you will be asked your health history, lifestyle habits, weight, family history, and income. You should answer these questions honestly because your policy can be cancelled if you lie on your application.

The next step may only be required for some policies. You will undergo a medical exam to evaluate your overall health. The medical exam will review your medical history, review your habits, check your blood pressure, weight and height, and take both a blood sample and a urine sample.

In order to get insurance, you will need to select a death benefit that is equal to your lost income potential. You also want a policy that you can afford so the premium is something you can pay. If you aren’t able to make your premiums, then your policy will be cancelled. If you choose a death benefit that is too big in correlation with your risk level, then you may not qualify.

There are some things that can make it more difficult to get life insurance. This includes having a pre-existing condition, major heart attack, dangerous habits, or a high-risk occupation. If you are in these categories, it may still be possible to get insurance, but you will have a higher premium and there could be a limit on the coverage you can have.

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