How Much Of Your Medical Expenses Does Medicare Insurance Cover?

Having the right medical coverage can mean the difference between being healthy and able, and being incapacitated as a result of recurring health issues. People who are over the age of 65 are eligible to receive Medicare coverage from the government. Many people who enroll in the Medicare program are not aware of the amounts of coverage as well as any gaps in coverage.

Medicare Coverage

In most cases, Medicare will cover a set amount of doctor’s visit expenses up to a certain amount. After that, there is a small co-pay. which is usually 20% of the office visit. Medicare coverage is broken down into several parts. The most common are parts A and B. Part A covers hospital stays, surgery, hospice, home health care, and more. The Part B coverage is used for doctor’s visits, tests, and preventative care. There is also the Advanced Part C plan, as well as Medicare Part D, which is meant to cover medications. Most of the expenses beyond a doctors visit have an allotted amount of coverage and co-pays.

Gap Coverage

For individuals who have needs that extend beyond the coverage offered by standard Medicare, there is also gap insurance coverage. This gap coverage prevents Medicare recipients from experiencing financial losses as a result of medical bills not covered by their Medicare policy. Consult an experienced, knowledge Medicare Insurance provider that serves the Commerce GA area such as North Georgia Insurance Center.

Get the coverage you need to safeguard your health and protect from the burden of medical bills. Residents living in and around the Commerce GA area should contact North Georgia Insurance Center by calling or stopping by the office to speak with a representative about their options.