Can I Get Life Insurance With a Terminal Illness?

Sometimes people don’t consider the need for life insurance until they are diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening illness. When this happens, the person often believes they will not be able to purchase a life insurance policy. This is incorrect; you actually can get life insurance. It may not be a policy someone without an illness can buy, but there are policy options to help you take care of your loved ones.

Graded Life Insurance

One option is called “graded” life insurance, and it is a type of whole-life insurance policy. It’s designed so the premiums gradually increase over the course of two years and then level off. If the insured member dies within the first two years, then the beneficiaries will receive a refund of the payments made with a little interest. If the person survives over the two years, then the policy will be paid at the full face value at the time of death.

High-Risk Insurance

Someone with a serious illness is considered high-risk, and some companies specialize in these high-risk policies. Some offer guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance that does not require a medical exam, and there are no health questions to answer. The premiums will be higher than for the average person, but you will be able to secure a life insurance policy. There can also be term-life insurance options that might fit your situation.

North Georgia Insurance Center

The agents at North Georgia Insurance Center in the Commerce, GA area specialize in customer service first, and then the insurance. When you’re sick, it’s not the time to stress over finding the right life insurance policy. Contact us today and we can help make life easier for you by finding the coverage you need for your family in Commerce, GA.