Motorcycle insurance: Making riding bike safer

The state of Georgia has over 200,000 registered motorcycles. With a mild climate and growing industries, it has an ever-increasing number of motorcycle owners. The residents of Georgia are required by law to have liability insurance to ride a motorcycle. An accident where you at at-fault, your liability coverage is used towards paying for the expense of the other party’s injuries or damages. Depending on the policy, you will have limits for the maximum coverage amount, which is the ceiling of what will be covered by your insurance provider. Although the minimum policy limits might high, you can be paying out-of-pocket for damages and medical bills especially if the other party is at fault but doesn’t have sufficient insurance coverage. That is why is advised to have a consultation with an insurance agent to see if you can get a policy with higher limits.

The collision coverage protects your motorcycle in most accident situations. Comprehensive insurance covers other items such as theft, vandalism, fire, water and other acts of God. You don’t want to be paying completely out-of-pocket for such unfortunate but common incidents.

In the state of Georgia, eye protection is required unless you have windscreen attached. A helmet is mandatory for all riders and passengers. Only one mirror is required although it is recommended to have one on each side. A headlight and muffler are also required.

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