Why You Need to Update Your RV Insurance When You Update Your RV

When you remodel your RV, you also need to update your RV insurance. Why? Because your insurance covers the RV as you purchased it. Once you’ve updated the interior, you need to insure those new items that now form a part of your vehicle.

Whether you park your RV in Commerce, GA or travel the country in it, North Georgia Insurance Center can help you add the insurance coverage you need to protect your investment.

Remodeling an RV

Remodeling a recreational vehicle differs from buying a new microwave for it. The microwave receives coverage under the policy coverage for personal belongings.

Remodeling refers to removing the old flooring and replacing it or flooring over the old. It also refers to replacing the paneling, adding a loft, replacing the old furniture, or adding solar panels to obtain solar energy. The latter requires re-wiring your RV.

These types of updates become a physical part of the vehicle, unlike a new microwave or refrigerator that you could unplug and remove. Without an RV insurance update, your changes go unprotected.

Accident and Damage Coverage Applies to Your Stated Value

If you incurred an accident in your RV and damaged it, your current insurance only covers the RV’s value when purchased. Even if your policy contains a clause for actual value replacement, if the insurer doesn’t know the value changed, you would obtain the actual value as the company insured it.

Insurance agents request an item inventory for policies that cover personal belongings. This list with photographs and video documents the typical contents.

Remodeling or renovating the RV works the same way. You obtained your insurance based on the purchase value which you stated. That’s the amount on which your insurance agency based the policy. So, when you redo the interior or exterior of your RV, you need to update the insurance policy.

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You might buy a used RV and redo it to flip it or to enjoy it, but until you update the insurance, its coverage only provides the purchase price or the Blue Book value, depending on the text of your policy. Contact North Georgia Insurance Center serving Commerce, GA to update your coverage today.