What Can I Do If My Motorcycle Accident Claim is Initially Denied?

If you have been involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle in the Commerce, GA area and have had an insurance company initially deny your claim, don’t give up and think you must pay all repair and medical costs on your own. You may need to appeal the decision and provide additional documentation to receive payment. The experienced insurance agents at North Georgia Insurance Center can help you with proper claims adjustments that will result in receiving compensation for your accident.

Reasons Why a Claim Might Be Denied

Filing an appeal may result in approval the second time around. Common reasons why your claim might have been initially denied include:

  • You didn’t provide enough information. The insurance company will conduct its own investigation. If adjusters don’t have enough information to assess, they will readily deny your claim.
  • Your percentage of fault is more significant than 50%. Georgia has a comparative negligence rule. You may not receive a payment if an investigation deems you responsible for the accident.
  • The claim exceeded policy amounts. Motorcycle accidents frequently incur serious injuries. Sometimes insurance companies don’t want to pay all the costs associated with an accident, so that they will deny the claim.
  • The policy has lapsed. If you haven’t paid premiums on time, your policy may not be valid.
  • You did not report the claim promptly. Most insurance companies have strict guidelines on how soon you should report the accident.

Steps You Can Take

You have several options. File an appeal with your company with the help of the agents at North Georgia Insurance Center serving Commerce, GA. Another route involves negotiating with the insurance company to receive compensation. When all else fails, you may consider filing a lawsuit again to receive payment for injuries and damages.