Documents that should always be in your vehicle

Driving legally in Georgia requires certain requirements. You must know these and ensure that you abide by them. The team at North Georgia Insurance Center in Commerce, GA, will ensure that you have the auto insurance mandated by the state. 

Before you get behind the steering wheel, there are some things that you need to have in your vehicle. This includes some necessary documents that may be required of you if you have an accident or are pulled over by a police or traffic officer. 

Vehicle registration

One of the legal requirements for driving a vehicle is to have it registered. The state provides this. As soon as you buy a vehicle, it needs to have a license plate and be registered. You are given a document showing that your vehicle is registered and needs to be in your car or truck at all times. It is usually the first thing you need to produce to prove you own your vehicle. 

Insurance coverage card

Your auto insurance company provides proof that you have paid for your coverage. This is a piece of paper you can print off and place in your glove box so you can show it as needed. It should be replaced at each renewal. 

Drivers license

Your driver’s license must be on your person when driving. It is a form of ID, so it should not be left in the vehicle when you exit. 

If you live in or near Commerce, GA, our agents at North Georgia Insurance Center are here to ensure that you have what you need.